Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are 5

We are all 5 years old in our class. 
We love being 5. 

Anna asked what we thought was cool about being 5. 
We loved watching what everyone in our class said.
Have a look at our vimeo to find out what we think.

Being 5 is cool from Ham East on Vimeo.

What do you like about being how old you are?
Can you remember what you liked about being 5?


  1. We love your accents - we are from IL, USA. Thanks for making the video, and making us chuckle! :-)

  2. That is cute! I love how it was impromptu!
    Keep up the good work Anna's Amazing Learners!
    Room 3 might just do the same thing only what we like about being 6 and 7!
    From Mrs Laburn and kids with a view

    1. That would be so cool if your class could make a video too. We would love to know what they like about being 6 and 7 years old.
      From Room 4

  3. I like being 5 because I can swim. By Abshir
    I can play. By Joey
    I can play in the playground. By Maee

    From Room 13

  4. I like playing with my friends in the playground.
    From Maria
    Room 4

  5. I really like your work guy well done

    BY: Udoh

    Am form: AU