Friday, August 10, 2012

Money Money Money

We had a visit from Brodie who works at ASB. He was so funny. He asked us a lot of questions and we all wanted to answer.
 Captain Cashtastic talked to us about coins and notes. We also learnt about eftpos cards and how you can only spend the money you have at the bank.
First you need to spend your money on your needs. Mia says needs are things to keep you healthy. Needs are - Water, Food, and Shelter.
Wants are things you wait for.
"Speed for your Needs and Wait for your Wants"
We really liked Captain Cashtastic's cape! 

What would you like to buy with your money?


  1. Room 8 also had a visit from Brodie. There was a lot of laughing and learning about money. Amber says Brodie made a lot of funny faces. Rebecca thinks Captain Cashtastic's cape is cool, too. We think it is a good idea to learn about money so that when you are older you will make good choices about spending.

    Room 8.

  2. Room 10 had visit but I missed out on a bit.
    We learnt about a motto "Spend some on you but save some too"!!
    It was great fun!
    I would spend my money on iPads and iPods but mostly LOLLIES!!
    From Madisen Room 10

  3. Hi Room 4! We are so excited to see another Captain Cashtastic on your blog! We loved seeing Captain Cashtastic. He made us laugh lots! Keira would like t tell you that if she had lots of money she would like to buy a new barbie doll. Angelina says she would like to spend her money on things she needs to survive like water bottles and vegetables! Fiona would like some to buy some new lego! From the fabulous E6 Superstars!

  4. Hi room 4. In room 8 we had a visit from Brodie too. He was so funny. He taught us about money too so when we grow we know what do. From Michael HES Rm 8

  5. Hi Room 4. I think his cape is cool too.:)
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from Lucy Room 8

  6. I think his cape is so so so cool.
    $$$$$$ Tayla-Jay