Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Olympic Parcel

Room 4 got a great surprise this morning.
We got a parcel from Jo who is at the Olympics and Paralympics with the Australian team.
Look what was inside.....
Olympic Athlete LEGO

Take a look at our photopeach so you can see how we built our Olympic athletes.

Olympic Lego on PhotoPeach
Thank you Jo for sending us lego all the way from the Olympics in London.
We hope you will be very pleased to see the boxer we have put aside for you.
We have had lots of ideas of ways we can use our Olympic athletes to help us with our learning.
IMG 0044 from Ham East on Vimeo.


  1. What a brilliant parcel to get! From right across the world. You are so lucky to have Jo here in the UK keeping you in touch with everything. I'm very excited about the paralympic games & can't wait for them to start!

  2. Wow! What a great surprise to receive such a great gift in the mail. I enjoyed seeing what you did with your Lego. I teach 3/4 in Australia and I am definitely going to show them what you have done and I think they will be inspired. Are you planning to send a parcel back to the UK? What would you put in it?
    Thanks for sharing your learning!

  3. thank you for looking at my recount. I can shoot the ball in the hop and I can do some tricks but i dont know the names of it. THANK YOU.
    Manish, Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton.

    Anna, I just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on Manish's post, its his very first one and he was very proud to have a comment, the other students who didn't have a comment were a bit jealous I think but Manish is so proud, it is a very wonderful think.

    1. We love that our comments can make people feel proud of their work.
      From Room 4

  4. Hi Room 4 and Anna,

    We think you are really lucky to get Olympic lego from Jo. We were so excited to see your lego being built in the photo peach.

    We would like to know how many you have.

    From Room 12

  5. Hi Room 4. We loved watching your slideshow and we liked seeing how you made the lego Olympic Athletes. We liked the Gymnast and the Boxer the best. We loved how you made the lego athletes talk like puppets! You are all very clever! We will have to try doing that in our class. From the E6 Super Stars :-)

  6. I like this post is so cool!!! I like the lego is fun ,and the kids play lego is so cute!!
    I love it I hope I have a Olympics Lego.But it very diffcult to have

    rm12 vivian

  7. Hi Rm 4. I see lego. Awesome! I like your video. It's cool. Bye from Michael Rm 8.

  8. To Anna

    I love the olympic lego because I love lego. How much do like the lego?

    From Dakota
    Room7, Vardon School
    P.S Do you remember me I used to be in room 15.

    1. Hi! Dakota,
      Yes I do remember you. You are so lucky to be in Room 7 with Mrs Natusch. Room 4 loves the lego a lot. We will make a post soon about some of the cool things we do with the lego.
      From Anna

  9. Hi my name is Mallika. I liked your play of lego because both of you had expression.And both of you didn't stop while you were recording. Maybe you could say it a little louder.How long did you practice it? By Mallika.