Monday, August 13, 2012

Cross Country

We have been training for the Cross Country. 
Today we went on the course with Room 5. We have to run around Putikitiki two times.
We found out it was quite a long way.
 Our School Cross Country is on Wednesday at 11am.
 Anna and Whaea Kat gave us some running tips. 
You have to run around the cones.
If you feel like you have to walk, walk fast so you can start running again.
Try your best.
Whaea Kat high fived us when we finished our run.

Do you have any other Cross Country running tips for us?


  1. Hi Room 4! We have been talking about what tips we could give you so you do really well at your Cross Country. Riya thinks you should try skipping lots to make you fit and get you ready! Lucy says you could take a BIG drink bottle with lots of water in it. Navik wants to tell you to make sure you wear running shoes that don't fall off. Wear shoes that you can do up tight, like sports shoes. Good luck Room 4! We hope you have fun doing your cross country. From the E6 Superstars :-)

  2. Hi Room 4.Nice to see you running in cross country. What a wonderful job. From Michael Rm 8

  3. Hi room 4 I like your running. You can take big steps and do it Zaheer room15.