Monday, December 15, 2014

Room 5 is cool

Room 5 I have loved teaching you this year. 
You have made me smile and suprised me with your thoughtfulness and kindness towards others. Room 5 I think you are the coolest kids I know. I hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday.




Thursday, December 11, 2014


We had a special visitor who helped us to make these great masks.
Thank you Annabel for helping us. We love our masks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Superhero day

Room 5 had a superhero day. We dressed up as superheroes and Anna gave us all capes to wear. We saved people from dragons and we were kind superheroes.
We wrote about our super powers. 
Click on the photo to read our Superhero stories.

Superhero Day

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The last days of school

Room 5 is making the last few days we have together for 2014 fun.

Backwards Day
We had a backwards day. We did things in the wrong order. We went to the Orchard in the first block instead of the last block. We wore our clothes backwards. At playtime we had a play and then we ate our play lunch. It was very funny.

Reading Day
On Reading Day we spent the whole day reading. Anna read us lots of stories and we read lots of books with our friends.


Baking Day
On baking day we baked delicious biscuits. First we baked chocolate chip biscuits. We had to smash the chocolate with a rolling pin. It was very loud. Then we baked star shortbread. We made a big Christmas tree biscuit for Sophie (Mrs Blair's daughter). She loved it but she couldn't eat her dinner because the biscuit was so big!

We even tried to help by drying the dishes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Toys for Rafiki Mwema

Room 5 has spent $150 of the money that they fundraised through the Seed Shop.
We have given it to Rafiki Mwema so that they can buy toys for the girls.
We think the girls will like toys like we do. We love playing tea parties, shops and with cars. We also think they might like some books too. 

We are feeling very happy and proud of ourselves. 
We are very excited that the girls will be happy to have some new toys to play with.

By Heidi               By James

 By Jawad               By Ryan
We have drawn pictures using Kidpix to show how we think the girls will feel when they get their new toys.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Zoo Writing

Here are some more great stories and Kidpix pictures about our trip to 
Hamilton Zoo.
I like zebras. I like giraffes. I like monkeys. I like all the zoo animals. They are cool. The are cool when they eat.  
By Nicholas.

I loved it when the bird was on my Mum. The bird put his whole face in my Mum's t.shirt.  By Ryan.

I like the giraffe. Giraffes have hooves. Giraffes have spots. I like ducks. I liked it when the bird went on Ryan's Mum.  
By Sam. 
I like the zebras. The zebras are cool. Why do zebras like hay? I do not know why animals eat.
By Tiana.

I liked the zebra because they eat green grass. I like the tiger because they have claws. 
By Veisinia.

The bird flew on me. I was the giraffe. I liked seeing the zebras because they have black and white stripes. 
By Vikili.
Picture by Sienna
I like the monkeys fighting. I see meerkats. 
By Eva.
I like the animals. I saw a tiger. 
By Amileah.
I like the monkeys. James dropped his bottle at the zoo. 
By Keeley.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zoo Writing

We have been drawing pictures of zoo animals using Kidpix. 
We also wrote about our zoo trip.
I like the bird on Ryan's Mum. Ryan's Mum is shy. I like the zoo. I like the pigs. 
By Brooke.

I like the zoo. There are lots of places. I like the giraffe and meerkats. Its amazing. We learned about animals. We had lunch by the kune kune pigs. We fed the giraffes.   
By Daisy.

The kaka was getting Elisabeth's necklace. She was going to take a picture but it flew away.   
By Anijioke.
The tiger said boo! I like the tiger in the zoo. My water fell down to the grass. The chimpanzee drank my water. 
By James.

Tigers have claws. Tigers are dangerous. I like the giraffe. Giraffes have hooves. Giraffes have a tail.  
By Jawad.
I like the tiger. I like the giraffe.   
By Kalay.

I love the giraffe. They are cool. We are all watching the giraffe. They are eating carrots. 
By Lhyam.