Thursday, November 27, 2014

Zoo Writing

Here are some more great stories and Kidpix pictures about our trip to 
Hamilton Zoo.
I like zebras. I like giraffes. I like monkeys. I like all the zoo animals. They are cool. The are cool when they eat.  
By Nicholas.

I loved it when the bird was on my Mum. The bird put his whole face in my Mum's t.shirt.  By Ryan.

I like the giraffe. Giraffes have hooves. Giraffes have spots. I like ducks. I liked it when the bird went on Ryan's Mum.  
By Sam. 
I like the zebras. The zebras are cool. Why do zebras like hay? I do not know why animals eat.
By Tiana.

I liked the zebra because they eat green grass. I like the tiger because they have claws. 
By Veisinia.

The bird flew on me. I was the giraffe. I liked seeing the zebras because they have black and white stripes. 
By Vikili.
Picture by Sienna
I like the monkeys fighting. I see meerkats. 
By Eva.
I like the animals. I saw a tiger. 
By Amileah.
I like the monkeys. James dropped his bottle at the zoo. 
By Keeley.

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