Friday, September 28, 2012

Cure Kids

Earlier this term Cure Kids had a fundraiser to raise money to help pay for research into children's illnesses. Cure Kids got The Flight of the Conchords to create a great song to help raise money which Room 4 really love. You can buy the song in iTunes or by going to the Cure Kids website. 
(Click on the links to take you there). You can also donate money to their great cause by going to their website too.
Room 4 love going to our Kitchen Garden and dancing to "Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)". We really love tap dancing on the mosaic tiles. Today we finally filmed ourselves dancing. Take a look at our vimeo. 

We also found 4 ladybirds in the Kitchen Garden today.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Special Places

Do you have a special place at your school?
There are lots of special places at Hamilton East School. 
We wrote about our favourite places. Click on the photo so you can read about our favourite places.

Special Places

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Change is Gonna Come

We loved being in our School Operetta -
 A Change is Gonna Come
We have even made a book about it.
Click on the photo so you can read our writing. 
Please Add a Title
You can also take a look at part of our item that we did with Rooms 5 and 13.
 It was filmed during our dress rehearsal. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shape Hunt

We looked around our school to see what shapes we could find.
We looked for - 
squares     triangles   circles   rectangles
We were surprised to find so many shapes in our playground.



Monday, September 17, 2012

Road Building

Room 4 heard a lot of noise coming from outside our classroom. We went outside to take a look. They were breaking up the road to try and fix it. We loved watching the machinery doing their jobs. We watched it for a long time.
Here is some of our writing about what we saw.

I  like  the  digger.  It  was  awesome.  It  was  digging  the  rocks. 
 By Katelyn

I  like  watching  the  digger.  It  was  lifting  up  the  sand. 
By Raedence

I  like  watching  the  digger.  It  was  loud. 
By Maria

I  like  the  digger  because  it  fixes  the  road.
By  Mia

I  like  the  digger  and  truck.  They  put  the  stones  on  the  road.  
By Cruz

  It  was  so  noisy  I  had  to  cover  my  ears.  It  was  fun. 
By Sky


I  was  watching  the  roller.  It  was  squashing  the  road. 
By Kayden

I  watched  the  digger  dig  the  road. I  watched  the  roller  roll  the  rocks. 
By Noah

The  machinery  was  noisy.  It  was  fixing  the  road. 
By  Mathew
Here are a couple of photos of our published writing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Operetta

Look at us in our beautiful costumes. 
Thank you to Ms Jones and Whaea Kat's mother-in-law for making them for us.
Here is a sneaky photo of us coming off stage in the Operetta.


It is so exciting to go on the stage and sing in front of an audience.
The hall is dark and there are fancy lights.
We got to have a dress rehearsal yesterday - which means we all dressed up in our costumes and we also got to watch the whole show. 
We think our Operetta "A Change is Gonna Come" is awesome.

Our first night performance is tonight. 
We need to go to Room 5 at 6:45pm to get ready.

We are excited about performing to our parents.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We were so lucky to get a visit from Kelly and her children's pet lambs. 

Room 4 loved seeing the lambs and were surprised that they were so friendly. We got to pat the lambs and they felt so soft.
The lambs were called Michael and Cuddles. Michael was the white lamb and Cuddles was the black lamb. They are only 2 weeks old.

Click on the photo so you can read our writing about our lamb visit.
Lamb Visit

Thank you to Kelly for bringing in the lambs and thank you to Room 5 for inviting us along to see the lambs too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Operetta

Our school is doing a show called "A change is gonna come". 
We are doing a special item with Rooms 5 and 13. 
Take a look at our photopeach to find out what we are going to be.

It is on in Week 9. We even have to come to school at night time on -
Tuesday 11 September,  Wednesday 12 September and Thursday 13 September. 

We need to come back to school at 6:45pm and go to Room 5 where we will get changed into our costumes. 

This is what we think we might look like on stage at the Operetta.

You can buy tickets to see our Operetta at the school office.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We want to wish our Dads a Happy Father's Day for Sunday.
Thank you for being such nice Dads to us.
Take a look at our photopeach to see some of the things we like about our Dads.

Happy Father's Day on PhotoPeach