Monday, September 17, 2012

Road Building

Room 4 heard a lot of noise coming from outside our classroom. We went outside to take a look. They were breaking up the road to try and fix it. We loved watching the machinery doing their jobs. We watched it for a long time.
Here is some of our writing about what we saw.

I  like  the  digger.  It  was  awesome.  It  was  digging  the  rocks. 
 By Katelyn

I  like  watching  the  digger.  It  was  lifting  up  the  sand. 
By Raedence

I  like  watching  the  digger.  It  was  loud. 
By Maria

I  like  the  digger  because  it  fixes  the  road.
By  Mia

I  like  the  digger  and  truck.  They  put  the  stones  on  the  road.  
By Cruz

  It  was  so  noisy  I  had  to  cover  my  ears.  It  was  fun. 
By Sky


I  was  watching  the  roller.  It  was  squashing  the  road. 
By Kayden

I  watched  the  digger  dig  the  road. I  watched  the  roller  roll  the  rocks. 
By Noah

The  machinery  was  noisy.  It  was  fixing  the  road. 
By  Mathew
Here are a couple of photos of our published writing.


  1. Hi may name is George your lucky to see a digger at your school we have never had a digger at are school before.

  2. What time did the digger show up? By Aum. Wow your pictures look so good By Nicco. Your writing is really awesome. By Aum. Did you know what the noise was? By Nicco.

  3. I am glad you wrote about the road works because I wondered what was happening out there.