Friday, December 14, 2012

Garden Plans

After visiting the Hamilton Gardens we planned our own Kitchen Garden.
We thought about what we would want to grow in our gardens. 
By Anika

             By Mia

                                 By Cruz

    By Katelyn

                  By Caylee

By Maria

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hamilton Gardens

We had a great time at the Hamilton Gardens. We had so many parents, friends and grandparents as our helpers. It was awesome.

 We went to the Italian Garden. 
We saw the lion fountain and the Waikato river.

We looked at all the vegetables in the Kitchen Garden. 
 Robyn showed us how potatoes and kumara grow in the ground not on top of the ground.
 We saw chickens and a bee hive in the Sustainable Backyard.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Skyping another Room 4

We love Skype. 
We got to Skype a class called Room 4 at Te Kauwhata Primary School
They showed us the penguins they had made. They also showed us their fabulous penguin walking.
We sang them One Direction and they sang Jingle Bells to us. 
We learnt that they have a school uniform. We think yellow is a great school uniform colour because it would make people feel happy.
We asked them questions. We are learning to let other people speak and listen to them. We talked a lot. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hamilton Gardens

We are really lucky to have such beautiful gardens in Hamilton. We are going to visit them as part of our Out and About learning.

We are going on Wednesday 12th December at 9:15am. The best bit is we will be travelling on the school bus. 
We would love some parents or grandparents to come with us too.
We have planned where we would like to go. We would like to see Turtle Lake, the Italian Garden, the Kitchen Garden and the Sustainable Backyard.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gorgeous Photos

I have finally downloaded the great photos the children in Room 4 have been taking.
They are so beautiful. Room 4 you are becoming fabulous photographers.

This is one of my favourite photos. Cruz took this photo.
Take a look at the Photopeach of some of the beautiful photos taken by Room 4. 
They will make you smile.

Soft Toy Picnic

We had a great Soft Toy Picnic even though it was raining. 
All of Kowhai Team went down to the hall and ate their lunch together. Then we went to play on the playground on Putikitiki. 

Guess what? It started raining again...
Luckily our toys were watching us so they didn't get as wet as we did.

Soft Toy Picnic

Today we are having a soft toy picnic at school. We are going down to Putikitiki to eat our lunch and we are taking our soft toys too.
We had to bring a soft toy from home to school.

The toys are very excited about being in Room 4.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skiing in Room 4

Today we had choosing time and Anna noticed some interesting things happening with the blocks.
People were skiing in our class!
We learnt all about skiing and how to do spins from our friends Room 6 at Hawea Flat School. Luca had made a special video on how to do a spin.
You can click on the link to be taken to Luca's blog post.
Take a look at our video of skiing in Room 4.

Skiing in Room 4 from Ham East on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skyping Room 6 at Hawea Flat School

Today we skyped Room 6 at Hawea Flat School
It was fun to Skype them. 
Room 4 and Spotty, the giraffe are all ready to Skype Room 6.
They showed us their skis and how you put them on. They are very good at putting on the skis and their teacher Mr Dyer showed us how they clip on. We think Room 6 is so lucky to live somewhere where they can ski in winter.
We told them all about our zoo trip and the animals we liked. We even showed them our new clothes.
They told us about the pets they have at home. They have some great pets - sheep, pheasants, deer, and horses.
We love having Skype pals.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our teacher wants a classroom pet

After going to the Zoo, Anna thought it would be great to have a zoo animal as a pet. But Room 4 had other ideas. 
Click on the cover to read our story.
Our teacher wants a classroom pet

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Zoo Trip

Our Zoo trip was fantastic. We had such a great time and loved seeing all the animals.
Take a look at the photos we took on our iPod.

Our Zoo Trip on PhotoPeach

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Outside our classroom is a beautiful garden with lavender, camellias and rosemary.
If you look carefully you can sometimes see bees pollinating the flowers.
Recently we made some cuttings from the lavender so we can grow some more plants.
I like the lavender.
By Mathew
I like the lavender. It is very pretty. They were very colourful.
By Sky

I like planting the lavender. I like cutting the lavender.
By Cruz

I like my lavender.
By Anika

I like planting the lavender. I had to cut the bottom leaves. I also had to put lavender in the magic potion.
By Mia
I like the lavender. I got to have a turn.
By Abdirahman

I like putting the lavender in the magic soil.
By Raedence
I like the lavender. It is purple. We put the lavender in the magic potion.
By Katelyn
I love the lavender.
By Magdalena

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

We are going to the Hamilton Zoo on Tuesday 13th November.
Our class is leaving school at 9:20am.
We have been given notices to take home to our parents.

In Room 4 we brainstormed and wrote about all the things we will need to remember for Tuesday.

We need a notice to give to Mum or to Dad. We need a bag and a lunch box and a hat.

We are going on the bus. (Abdirahman)

We need some money and we need lunchboxes. We need bags. (Katelyn)

I hope there are zebras and giraffes. I like the zoo. It will be so fun. I have to bring my hat. (Sky)

I like the zoo. I need my lunchbox and my hat and my school bag. (Caylee)

We are very excited because we are going to be travelling on our school bus.
Thank you to our parents who are coming with us.

Monday, November 5, 2012

What's the word in Room 4?

We love watching a podcast called "What's the Word on the Street?" It is a Sesame Street podcast. They have great words that they get people to explain to them.
We love podcasts so much we decided we wanted to give it a go ourselves.
Take a look at our very first one....
Beautiful from Ham East on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tui Hunt

Room 4 went on a tui hunt.
At morning tea time Katelyn noticed a tui on the bottle brush tree. Mathew wondered if that is where the tui had his nest.

Anna knew that the Tui likes to make a nest in the Redwood tree so we went to have a look. The nest is up so high we couldn't see it. The tui lay their eggs in the nest. We think that the tui makes his nest so high so that rats can't get their babies.
We went and sat under the bottle brush tree and Mr Tui came to say hello. We saw him play flying tag through the Oak trees. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rosie's World

Last week we got to test an online game that teaches children about looking after a calf. It is called Rosie's Calf Club.
Miriam who helped to make the game came in to test it with us. We were trying to find out how well the game worked with kids who were 5 years old.
This is what we liked about the game - 
I liked feeding and patting the calf. (Katelyn)
It is such a fun game because I got a lot of rewards (Caylee)
I liked feeding the calf (Mia)

You can click on the photo to take you to the game. You need your teacher or a parent to get you started with logging in. Then you can start by choosing a calf and looking after it.