Monday, November 5, 2012

What's the word in Room 4?

We love watching a podcast called "What's the Word on the Street?" It is a Sesame Street podcast. They have great words that they get people to explain to them.
We love podcasts so much we decided we wanted to give it a go ourselves.
Take a look at our very first one....
Beautiful from Ham East on Vimeo.


  1. Wow room4 that was fun to hear the word beautiful.From Phillip room8

  2. Hi Room 4. I think flowers are beautiful too.

    p.s great blog post :-)

    From Lucy in Room8.

  3. Hi Room 4,

    We liked your podcast. It was very descriptive. It was funny when you replied that a pretty girl can be beautiful. We thought your dancing looked beautiful too.

    From Room 12

  4. Hello Room 4

    I am Ms van der Spuy, a teacher of another year 1 class in New Zealand and we are called Room 4 too! This is our class blog

    I really enjoyed watching your podcast about "what's the word in Room 4". Your dancing at the end was pretty cool too.

    Keep up the good work!
    Ms van der Spuy :-)

  5. I like the video room 4 its funny and amazing i wish room8 gets a turn of doing vimeo

    James room 8

  6. I like your video room 4 it is fun using vimeo, I wish room8 can do it too.

    James room 8

  7. Hi Room 4,

    What a super Podcast you have made. I especially like the dancing at the end to the song 'What makes you beautiful"

    I wonder what other cool words you could help my class understand.

    We will have to try and make a podcast of our own.