Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our teacher wants a classroom pet

After going to the Zoo, Anna thought it would be great to have a zoo animal as a pet. But Room 4 had other ideas. 
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Our teacher wants a classroom pet


  1. Dear room4
    I liked your flower sketch because you put detail into it.
    From Scania room16

  2. What a great story. I think your teacher is right, a giraffe would be a super cool pet. If you get one, I will bring my class (room 4 TKP) down to visit.


  3. What a gorgeous book Room 4! I loved reading about the animals you think you could have in the classroom. I think a giraffe would make a fun class pet but your class may be too small. We could build a bigger fence at Dawson and keep it there. What do you think?

    Mrs Blair

  4. This is a really cool book! I think your all really good
    From Casey Room6 H.F.S

  5. I like your book its so cool!
    I wish I got to go to the zoo.

    From Elliot

  6. your book is cool i wish i was their.

    from leithen

  7. I like your book its so cool!
    I really wish I was ther too.

    From Elliot HFF

  8. I like the story, it's awsome!
    Paris Room 5 HFS

  9. Hi Room4 Red here from room6 your book is amazing. How high was the giraffe?

  10. What beautiful illustrations Room4,would your class like a rabbit in your class.

    From Tare Room10

  11. cool room4 i like the end part when you all said no ! But it would be cool to have pet giraffe.

    by sam

  12. Did you have fun at the zoo?
    I rememer going to the zoo when I was little too.
    How long did you stay at the zoo for?
    Did you see lots of animals?
    What was your favourite out of all of the animals?
    I think my favourite animal would have been the giraffe because it it very long and it has got beautiful coulors.
    I think your book was great Room 4
    From Krystie Room 12

  13. if you get a chickin can i come and eat it too


  14. Room 4 wouldnt a lion be cool,make sure that if the lion roar block your ears.
    Ive heard that a lions roar can be heard from 5 miles away.


  15. Hi,
    Emma from HFS
    I realy liked your book. Was the zoo fun?What was your favourite animals?
    Hope too catch up soon

  16. Hi room 4.
    We saw all the animals. We wish we could go. If i would have a pet I would get a turtle. Why? because they will live for a long time.

  17. I think that a merrcat would be great!


  18. I like the book you made 'Anna wants a class room pet'. It was and funny I would like to have a dog as a pet if I was aloud.
    Room 6 HFS

  19. What about a tui? Did you see all the native birds in the free flight aviary? A tui would be good because it could look after itself, but room 4 could go out to the nature trail to watch and listen quietly. You could also plant more trees and shrubs for its food.

  20. I like those giraffe pictures.You put plenty of detail in your giraffe Rm4.
    From Phillip.

  21. I love this story:) Clever Anna and Room 4.Pippa

  22. This story moves quickly , it flows and gets to a conclusion... adefinite ending . You forgot a dog needs to be taken for walks ! Enfys Age 92 !!
    Phil Age 90 said I think a giraffe would be too big!!!!

  23. Hi Room 4, we we joyed reading your story.
    It was funny. We think a giraffe is too tall to have at school too.
    It might eat all our leaves.
    Room 2