Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

We are going to the Hamilton Zoo on Tuesday 13th November.
Our class is leaving school at 9:20am.
We have been given notices to take home to our parents.

In Room 4 we brainstormed and wrote about all the things we will need to remember for Tuesday.

We need a notice to give to Mum or to Dad. We need a bag and a lunch box and a hat.

We are going on the bus. (Abdirahman)

We need some money and we need lunchboxes. We need bags. (Katelyn)

I hope there are zebras and giraffes. I like the zoo. It will be so fun. I have to bring my hat. (Sky)

I like the zoo. I need my lunchbox and my hat and my school bag. (Caylee)

We are very excited because we are going to be travelling on our school bus.
Thank you to our parents who are coming with us.


  1. Hi Room 4,
    We are a class of year 2s in Hamilton and we have just been on a trip down to the Waikato River! We had to walk because it isn't very far. You are really lucky that your school has a bus to take you on trips. Do you think you will see the two baby lemurs at the zoo? We hope you do because they look really cool. You can look at our blog if you like.
    We like people commenting on our work.

  2. hi there room 4 a go to a school in hamilton and i have just looked at the photo i think it is verery cool that at you age you can go on trips like that
    kayla rm 5 hamilon meliville inthemedant