Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skyping Room 6 at Hawea Flat School

Today we skyped Room 6 at Hawea Flat School
It was fun to Skype them. 
Room 4 and Spotty, the giraffe are all ready to Skype Room 6.
They showed us their skis and how you put them on. They are very good at putting on the skis and their teacher Mr Dyer showed us how they clip on. We think Room 6 is so lucky to live somewhere where they can ski in winter.
We told them all about our zoo trip and the animals we liked. We even showed them our new clothes.
They told us about the pets they have at home. They have some great pets - sheep, pheasants, deer, and horses.
We love having Skype pals.


  1. Hi! Room 4,
    I like the giraffe that she brought in to our classroom
    by Mia

    1. Hi! Mia,
      I thought it was nice to have a visit from a giraffe too! I think Spotty really liked our reading garden. I wonder if he will visit Room 4 again?
      From Anna

  2. Hello Room Four I am a little bit jealous that you all got to see some ski's!! And I watched your skiing video an it was amazing!! Keep up the great work!
    From Madi
    Roo 10