Monday, October 29, 2012

Rosie's World

Last week we got to test an online game that teaches children about looking after a calf. It is called Rosie's Calf Club.
Miriam who helped to make the game came in to test it with us. We were trying to find out how well the game worked with kids who were 5 years old.
This is what we liked about the game - 
I liked feeding and patting the calf. (Katelyn)
It is such a fun game because I got a lot of rewards (Caylee)
I liked feeding the calf (Mia)

You can click on the photo to take you to the game. You need your teacher or a parent to get you started with logging in. Then you can start by choosing a calf and looking after it.


  1. Wow you people must really like taking care of baby cows. Man I wish I had one :(
    Lachlan Rm8

  2. I love the cow game.
    Room 4

  3. Dear Room 4
    We are really enjoying playing Rosie's Calf Game too. Thank you very much for the wonderful stickers and cows. We all close to getting our certificate. We are very good at feeding, leading and caring for our calves.
    from Room 16