Friday, October 19, 2012


This week children in Room 4 have been using the iPod to take photos. They each took over 100 photos. We helped Anna make a photopeach of their best photos by choosing the ones we thought were the best.

Photographers on PhotoPeach

Which photos do you like?


  1. Hi Anna and Room 4

    I loved all your photos - my favourites were the photos taken by Maria. I loved seeing all those happy smiling faces! Well done to all of you.

    From Mrs Kennedy and Prep K
    Melbourne Australia

    1. Thank you for liking my photos.
      From Maria

  2. Hi Room 4, I liked that the photos were really close up. I visit Room 4 most days , however, I saw new things ! Thanks for being photographers . Pippa

  3. Hello Anna's Amazing Learners,

    I love photography and over the years have taken many thousands of photos but I must say I am very impressed by all of your photos. They are brilliant!

    Which photos do I like? I like all of them but especially the photos with smiles. :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  4. Hi Rm4 I loved all the photos that you took .They are good quality clear photos. From Michael Rm8

  5. Well done Room 4. We loved your photos and all the smiley faces. Tamazine liked the music on your Photopeach.

  6. Great photos Room 4. We really like taking photos, too. Next week we will be learning how to use the macro function on our digital cameras to take close up photos.

  7. Kia ora Rm,
    you are amazing photographers! it must have taken you quiteva while to take 100+ photos. It looks like the Tooth Fairy has been in your classroom lately, as there were a lot of missing teeth in your photos.
    Maria- your photo of the kids running out on the grass was an amazing action shot.
    great work Rm4
    mr Dyer and Rm 6

  8. hello ROOM 4 amazing pictures of your classroom . Do you know how the camera you used takes the pictures ? Because I don't . Have a very lovely year .

    Makaela room8