Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Out and About

Today we went on the bus. Do you know where we went?
We went nowhere! We just sat on it and we talked about all the places we would like to go if we had a bus driver.

We like going on the bus because it is big. There are lots of seats on it. We love talking on the bus too.
Take a look at our wordle of the places we would like to visit in Hamilton.


  1. Hi Room 4
    Too bad Neil wasn't there to take you somewhere on the bus.
    We did the same as you and made a Wordle as well. You guys are amazing because you thought of Turtle Lake and we didn't.
    Have you decided where you are going to go to visit?

  2. Hey there Room 4,
    Is that right that you have your own School bus, with your logo on it and just for you guys? We have to share ours with other schools.
    Deia was in Hamilton in the holidays and she went to the Hamilton Zoo - she really liked the Spider Monkeys. She took Danny the dog there (An assistance dog that her Nan is training)and Danny was afraid of the Chimpanzees.
    Maybe Deia's Nan might be able to come and talk to you about training Assistance dogs, as she is too far away to come and visit us :(
    Have a great day
    From Room 6

    1. Hi ,
      I talked to Deia , Danny the dog and Deia's Nan the day after they had been at the zoo. The monkeys were very interested in Danny!
      I am sure Emma (Deia's Nan) would come to HES if we asked her.
      I can even send her a text if you tell me what to say ! Pippa

  3. Hi Room 4,

    We think you have good imaginations to think of lot's of places in Hamilton that you would like to visit. You helped us think of some places we might like to go to this term. We have been to the museum before. When we were there we saw an exhibition called 'How to make a monster'.

    Have you been to turtle lake before? We had to think really hard about where turtle lake is.

    From Room 12

  4. wow room 4 that is so cool. Most of you like to go every were I like to go now that is cool that you got to go on the bus when I was 5 and 6 I did not get to go on the bus only if i was going to school or going home from school.
    Do you know how much seats are in the bus


  5. You have great ideas. I even like going on the bus just to take all the children home. Pippa

  6. Wow that looks fun. I can''t wait until our class trip. I wonder where we are going to go?

    Oliver, Rm8

  7. If you are going to all those places, take me please.
    Blake rm8

  8. Where are you going?
    Amber and I would like to come.
    Tayla-Jay and Amber