Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Change is Gonna Come

We loved being in our School Operetta -
 A Change is Gonna Come
We have even made a book about it.
Click on the photo so you can read our writing. 
Please Add a Title
You can also take a look at part of our item that we did with Rooms 5 and 13.
 It was filmed during our dress rehearsal. 


  1. Hi Rm 4 .Nice video of skit .It was amazing and I loved the song. From Michael Rm 8

  2. Room4 I like your operetta songs. It was cool. Khalid r2

  3. I like reading my story. I loved reading everyone's stories and their pictures look cool.
    From Kayden

  4. Hi Anna's Amazing Learners my name is Joshua and my buddy is Alex.
    I really like your dancing because It looked so awesome. How many days did you practise?From Kids with a view.

  5. Hi guys
    Your book is brilliant! And the video is too. Did you have to practice every day with doing action's and the words?By Aryaan

  6. I liked your show because you had loud voices and I also liked the lights. I really liked your costumes because they were shiny and colourful. Were you nervous when you went
    on the stage? By Mallika.

  7. Hi Room 4
    That was fantastic.
    Did you practise it? it looks like you did. Did you memorise it? Do you have lines to practise? Do you feel proud that you did it ? We have been on stage before? We were doing a dance called the honey bee and the wearable art too.

  8. Hi guys
    I love your video. Did you work hard? From Robbie

  9. Hi Annas amasing learners. I really like your amasing catapeler video on your blog.
    by Bradie.

  10. Your show of the was amazing! I liked watching the video.
    Were you nervous?
    From Nicolas and Kairyn

  11. Hi Everyone,
    Wow what a fantastic book - it looks as though you had an amazing time. We really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. What was your favourite song?
    Haworth Primary School Reception Class