Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The last days of school

Room 5 is making the last few days we have together for 2014 fun.

Backwards Day
We had a backwards day. We did things in the wrong order. We went to the Orchard in the first block instead of the last block. We wore our clothes backwards. At playtime we had a play and then we ate our play lunch. It was very funny.

Reading Day
On Reading Day we spent the whole day reading. Anna read us lots of stories and we read lots of books with our friends.


Baking Day
On baking day we baked delicious biscuits. First we baked chocolate chip biscuits. We had to smash the chocolate with a rolling pin. It was very loud. Then we baked star shortbread. We made a big Christmas tree biscuit for Sophie (Mrs Blair's daughter). She loved it but she couldn't eat her dinner because the biscuit was so big!

We even tried to help by drying the dishes.

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