Friday, August 3, 2012

The Olympics

Room 4 has loved watching the Olympics.
We have liked watching the swimming, hockey, rowing and equestrian. We love watching the horses jump. We are great at clapping and cheering for the athletes.

Anna's friend Jo is at the Olympics. She sent us a photo of her Olympic Pass. We made our own Olympic Pass. Maybe one day we will really get to go to the Olympics.
We went and showed other classes around the school our Olympic Passes. 
Mrs Bobsien tested our barcodes for us. They worked!

You can find out when the New Zealand athletes are competing by clicking on the photo.


  1. Room4 looks cute.

  2. I like your puppets, they are so cool. Khalid r2

  3. Wow Room4
    You are all really cute I wish I was in your class!!!!!!
    You were all so cute when you all charged into Room 10 with your Athlete passes. Can you make me one??

  4. WOW room4 you look cute in your photo
    from Alaa