Monday, May 21, 2012

Kids with a View

On Friday Anna was lucky enough to go and visit Room 3 at Point View School in Auckland. 
They are one of our Quad Blogging Buddies. 
(Click on the photo to take a look at their blog)

It was great to finally meet Mrs Laburn and Room 3. They showed Anna and Mrs Nagels the great learning they could do with the iPads in their classroom.
Take a look at the photos of some of their learning.


Room 3 was great at sharing. They were also great at helping each other. They could even teach their friends how to try new things. Anna was really impressed how Room 3 worked together.

Thank you for such a super afternoon Mrs Laburn and Room 3. 
You are fabulous learners.


  1. Hi Anna's amazing learners!!

    It was such an exciting day on Friday. We couldn't wait to meet your teacher! It really is so nice to meet up with new friends! Anna brought Mrs Nagels to meet us as well. Thank you so much for coming to visit us Anna and Mrs Nagels. We love showing people our learning.

    Mrs Laburn thinks that we should come to Hamilton East for a visit one day - you never know perhaps it will happen! But until then we should definitely get together on Skype!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    From Kids with a view - Room 3

  2. Hi Anna,
    I think it is very exciting that you got to visit one of our blogging buddies classrooms. I think that visiting other classrooms is a great way to learn new things and discover new ideas to use in your own classroom. The children in Room 3 all look like they are very busy - I wonder which apps they love to use? Does Room 4 have any ipads?
    From Ms Dowling

    1. Hi! Ms Dowling,
      Room 4 doesn't have an iPad in their classroom but we do have access to one. Room 3 is really great at using the apps to show their learning and they also work together to help each other.
      I am not sure of the names of all the apps but 2 that I thought looked like a lot of fun were Puppet Pals and Sock puppets. One group had to take a photo of themselves, add a costume over the photo, cut themselves out on the iPad and then they could add it to a background. They could move the characters around while it filmed and they recited a poem that they had learnt! They were so busy and worked so well together.
      I think it would be great if KD could fly to NZ to visit us and Room 3.
      From Anna

  3. Hi I am from kids with a view and my name is Jacey.
    Thank you for coming to visit us in Auckland.
    Thanks for coming Anna and Mrs Nagels it was a great time seeing you and I hope we can do Skype together sometime.
    My favorite app was photo chop because you take a photo on camera and then you go to photo chop and you can first chop yourself off and then you can add a background by first taking a photo on camera and then you go back to photo chop and you will find your background and you add it onto photo chop and you name it and then you press done and you are done with photo chop.

  4. Hi Anna. I love instruments 360 because i enjoyed the quiz a lot and doodle buddy. Doodle buddy was cool and made me put a smile on my face. My ipod doesn't have any learning games.
    From Jack Kids with a view

  5. Aum from kids with a viewMay 22, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    Hi Anna and Anna's amazing learners thank you for visiting us from your school we appreciated that. Anyway my favourite app was taronga zoo and on toronga zoo you have to get a zoo book and if you find any animals and if it is on toronga zoo you find the camera at the bottom and you click it. Then you have to take a photo of the animal that you found and then it says you've unlocked the animal. Then you have to find another the Tazmainion devil is hard to find at my school.

  6. Hi Anna and Anna's amazing learners. Your teacher is very nice because she has an amazing voice. My favorite app is puppet pals because you can record a story and you can choose your character and choose your background. You can take a photo from the computer or a book or a photo of yourself or your favourite place.
    From Joshua Kids with a view

  7. Thank you for coming all the to way Auckland from Hamilton.
    My favorite learning app on the ipad is Taronga zoo.
    First you go on to Taronga zoo and then you choose an animal and take a photo of the animal from a book.
    (Gina) Kids with a view

  8. Hi am from kids with a view and my name is Anya.
    My favourite app is Toranga zoo.
    On Toronga zoo you have to take an animal picture on a book.
    And my other favourite is sock puppet.
    You can get three sock puppet. You can to do a story or a recount.
    From Anya Kids with a view

  9. Hi Anna and Anna's amazing learners my favorite learning app is sock puppet. This is how you play first you would pick the character then you pick a background. After that you pick things you want next it would say start so, press it if you want a play and you know it you can do it. There is going to be a red square press it then you do your play and you can listen to it.
    From Sienna kids with a view

  10. It sounds as though you had a wonderful visit - unfortunately it is too far for us to visit!
    We all think it looks really good fun using ipads to support learning in the classroom. We are just starting to use a Motorola tablet to help with our observations, we can't use any apps yet though, because we havent got internet access for them yet. We will have to see if we can find some good apps as soon as we can though :)
    Haworth Reception Class

  11. Luky I wish I can see kids with a view because that was my favourtie blog in room 14.
    What did you like abuot seeing kids with a view
    From james and Ryan

  12. Hi Anna,
    Did you see the wonderful growing unit and potting shed at Point View. They are a Trees for Survival school and grow lots of native plants for native restoration planting. Maybe the Point View students could share pictures and ideas with your school.

  13. Sienna and TrinityJune 14, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    Dear Anna and Anna's amazing learners,

    Thank you for putting Trinity and I on your blog.It was fantastic when you were at school. I hope you had a great time? We did!! From Trinity and Sienna.