Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autumn Trees

We drew these beautiful autumn trees using Kidpix.
Our pictures needed to have a background colour, a trunk, branches and leaves.

We love drawing with Kidpix. We like drawing trees too.
We think our trees look beautiful. We hope you like them too. 


  1. Hi Everyone,
    Your autumn trees are so colourful and bright. I love autumn because the leaves change into such beautiful colours. We have lots of autumn leaves at school. They are all over our playground. Some trees don't lose their leaves - do you know what they are called?

    I will show my Preps your creative trees tomorrow. Have a happy day.
    From Mrs Kennedy

    1. We know that trees that lose their leaves are called deciduous.
      Trees that keep their leaves are called evergreen trees.
      From Room 4

    2. Your drawings are very detailed. Well done!Are the trees in your nature trail deciduous or evergreen?

    3. The trees on our nature trail are evergreen. They still have their leaves.

  2. Hello my name is Douglas. I like the trees that yous drew. It looks suer awesome. I really like the tree with all those butterflys and leaves.
    Douglas, Hamilton, Melville Intermediate.

  3. Cool trees i liked the colours you used.

  4. Hi my name is Nathan and I liked the way yous drew thous trees they are amazing from Nathan in melvile intermediate.

  5. The leaves on the tree look colourful on it. They look good on kidpix. I like your darwing.

    From Ryan and James Rm12

  6. You have used some excellent skills in your tree pictures and have obviously taken lots of time and care over your work. I love all of the colours that you have used. Wel done everyone :)
    Mrs Thompson
    Haworth Reception