Friday, May 11, 2012

I love my Mum

On Sunday it will be Mother's Day in New Zealand. Earlier in the week we wrote about some of the great things our Mums do for us and why we love them.
Anna published our writing onto a whiteboard and then took a photo of us.
We have made a frame for a copy of our photos to go in so we can give it to our Mums.
Have a look at our photopeach -

I love my Mum on PhotoPeach

What do you love about your Mum?


  1. Hi Room 4 - what a lovely idea. I bet your mums loved the stories you wrote. Ms Nagels

  2. There is nothing a mum loves more than a written message of love. I bet you made your mums very happy.

  3. I love my mum because she's a whizz in the kitchen.
    From Lucy

  4. I like this idea. I bet your mums liked that. I know our mum liked it, Lizzie. Tayla-Jay. Room8.

  5. I am a mum also. I loved the thoughts that you had about your mums. My daughters sent me a parcel from Wellington. Ask me what was in it when you see me at school !

  6. I like your thing about your mums.I like the way you explained how you loved your mums. from Alyssa.

  7. I am sure that all of your Mum's will love this beautiful presentation. You have sent some wonderful messages. In England, we celebrate Mother's Day in March as part of the lead up to Easter. We find it really interesting finding out the differences between the 2 countries :)

    From you friends in
    Haworth Reception

  8. I love my mum because she loves me and she feeds me when I am sick and when I
    Hurt my chin ( and I, weirdly do it everyday) she helps me forget about the pain. By Kian and Izzie.