Monday, May 7, 2012


Lizzie brought some delicious feijoas to share with Room 4.
Look how many there were.
We held the feijoa so we could think about how it felt, looked and smelt.
Then Anna cut the feijoa in half for us so we could eat it.
We did some great brainstorming about our delicious feijoas.


  1. You have been doing some fantastic learning about feijoas! I notice in your brainstorm that you saw the seeds of the feijoa fruit. This is one way that a new feijoa tree can grow - from the seed germinating and slowly growing into a tree. Can you remember the seeds we found at Jubilee bush? The kahikatea seeds were small and green with a bright orange berry attached - so different to your feijoas!

    1. We were just trying to remember what colour those seeds were! We have loved eating the feijoas. Abshir said the seeds tasted crunchy on his tongue.
      From Room 4

  2. WOW room4 your blog looks awesome
    from Eve and Kelly room14