Thursday, May 17, 2012

Autumn Leaves

We like it when the leaves change colour and fall to the ground. Look at all the leaves outside Room 4. We have loved playing in them. We have walked in them and jumped in them too.

The leaves are falling down from the tree.
By Raedence

I am throwing the leaves in the air.
By Mia

I am throwing the leaves.
By David

I am throwing the leaves up high.
By Caylee 

I threw the leaves up into the air. They fell down.
By Katelyn

The leaves fell down.
By Shay


  1. Hi,
    It looks like you guys had a great time with the Autumn leaves. What such cute and amazing stories you have done.The whole class got a poem about Autumn leaves.

    From Caitlin and Nandani

  2. Wow, leaves leaves and more leaves! What will happen to all these leaves?

  3. Wow, what a lot of leaves you have - it looks as though you had lots of fun. What type of trees do you have by your school? We all really surprised that it was Autumn, as it is Spring here and we are just watching all of the leaves opening on the trees...

    Haworth Reception

  4. Hi Anna's Amazing Learners.
    What a lot of leaves.
    That really looks fun in the leaves because there are hundreds of leaves.
    I wished there were lots of leaves at my school.
    You guys are so lucky!
    Did everyone pick a leave before they went inside?
    Hi Mia did you know that in my class there is a girl called Maia and she is my best friend? From Jacey and Maia
    We are both writing this comment to you guys.

    From Jacey and Maia Kids With A View