Friday, February 3, 2012

Swan Plants

Room 4 has two swan plants.
 When we looked at the plants on Wednesday we only saw the green leaves.

Today we looked at a blog from Room 6 at  St Mary's School in Mosgiel. 

They also have swan plants in their class but they have caterpillars on their plants.
(If you click on the photo it will take you to Room 6's blog)

We went and had a look at our swan plants very carefully and we saw some tiny caterpillars on the leaves. 
Some of us are so excited we even said goodbye to the caterpillars at the end of the day.

Can you see the caterpillars?
We can't wait to see how they have grown over the weekend.


  1. OH, that is SOOOO exciting! We can't believe how tiny they are! When our very special friends from Room 1 were visiting on Wednesday we found one just emerging from its egg! Now we have 6 caterpillars on our plant. I think we will have a 'Monarch Emergency" by Tuesday! We will let you know on our blog!

  2. hi my name is Anya your caaterpilers are cool!

  3. Hi Guys
    I like those plants it is fun to see the Butterflies Hatch. I use to have one of those plants at my old school.
    Einstein Tyler