Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our First Day

Today is our first day learning together.
Some of us started school last year and for some of us it was our very first day. We welcomed everyone.
We went to check on how things have been growing in the garden.

I saw pumpkins and they were white. By Shay
I saw onions. By Chloe
The peas were tasty. By Xzavier
They were really sweet. By Mia

We also took a look around the different parts of our school.
Take a look at us playing on the middle flat playground.
We had a powhiri to welcome the new people to our school.

We have had such a great day together.


  1. Hi Room 4!

    It looks like you had a wonderful first day at school! Did you know that at Vardon School we have a garden just like yours but I don't think we have peas. I know that our pumpkin plant has grown like crazy over the holidays!
    I'm glad you like eating the peas. Last year The Enviroclub at my school got to cut the broccoli, cook it and eat it... with cheese on top! YUM!!!
    What is your favourite vegetable?

    From Mrs Natusch
    Vardon School

    1. I like capsicum and broccoli - Mia
      I like cabbage - Chloe
      I like pumpkin - Lizzie
      I like carrots - Joey
      I like carrots too - Shay
      I like potatoes - Subair
      I like carrots - Xzavier

  2. Well done Room 4!

    Great to see you getting right into the blogging on your first day at school.
    Gosh those peas look yummy! What a great photo.

    Room 3 start school tomorrow so I will be sure to show them what you got up to on your first day at school. Some of the Room 3 children have been busy writing on their own blogs in the holidays - boy they are keen! And I know they will be excited to get right back into quadblogging!

    Talk to you soon
    Mrs Laburn
    Kids with a view

  3. Hi Room 4,
    What an exciting start to the year for you all! Great to see the yummy peas in your garden! I love the look of your playground! I hope you have a lot of fun together this year. I am looking forward to following your blog.
    Mrs K

  4. Dear Anna & Room 4
    Welcome to school. We have been waiting for you to get to school. We are 1st Grade Vonsild School from Denmark. We look forward to work with you this year. We also look forward to follow your school work. We have never seen so big pees before. In Denmark they are much smaller.
    From 1st G & Stefan

  5. I like peas stright off the vine just like you had on your first school day. Yum Pippa

  6. Wow! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

    from Lucy room8

  7. Nice to know that you had some new people i hoped you let him in your group.
    I also hoped you were nice to him. But i bet you did.

  8. They look like nice peas Ifeal jelice :):)
    Nice work Xzavier