Monday, February 27, 2012


We went to discover another special place at our school called Putikitiki. Only children from Kauri and Totara Team are allowed to play there at lunchtime. We can go down there with our teacher. We had a great time looking around Putikitiki. Have a look at our photos to see what we saw.
We saw lots of cicada shells on the trees.
We sat down at the picnic tables.
We went down the slides.           
We went on the bridge.       We went up the ladder.

We went on the tyre swing.
We went up and down the stairs.
We loved looking around Putikitiki. It was fun to play on a different playground together.


  1. Hi Room 4,
    You have been very busy at Putikitiki! What a great place for you to play and try some new activities. The children in KD think that you are very lucky because you have lots of great equipment and a big grassy oval to run around on. At our school we have two play areas - top oval and the playground. Top oval is a big grassy area with a sandpit, some big rocks and trees. The children like to play running games on the grass and dig around in the dirt! The playground is covered in asphalt so we have to be careful not to fall over. There is a ball hoop but no other climbing equipment - you are so lucky!
    What is the best thing to do at Putikitiki?
    From Ms Dowling and KD

    1. I like to play on the playground. By Shay, Anika and Lizzie
      I like the big slide. By David, Subair
      I like to play on the bridge. By Mia, Maee
      I like to play on the ladder. By Joey
      I like to play with my friends. By Caylee

  2. That Tyre looks really big.How many kids do you thinks we could fit on it?

  3. Hi Room 4
    It looks as though you had a fantastic time at Putiikitiki and it looks a beautiful place to play and learn. Our class thought that it looked a really exciting place and were interested to see that it is hot and sunny in New zealand.
    We were all fascinated by the cicada shells :)
    We have an outdoor classroom with lots of trees at our school, but we have to go down nearly 100 steps to get to our playing field because our school is built on a hill. We haven't got any climbing equipment, but the park is fairly close to us.
    Mrs Thompson and REception Class
    Haworth Primary School

  4. Hi, Room 4! We have frogs in our classroom. Our frogs eat cicada. From George.

    1. Hi! George,
      We would love to see your frogs. Do you think you could put a blog post on your blog about them?
      From Room 4

  5. Hi my name is Maia. What did you discover about? I like the blue hats you all have! Did you go everywhere on the playground? From Maia, Kids with a View.