Thursday, February 23, 2012


Room 12 had lots of caterpillars and they gave us two. We were so excited because our caterpillars had got sick and died. 
Thank you Room 12 for sharing. 
You should have a look at the great learning they do in Room 12 by looking at their blog.

We have done some beautiful sketches and great writing about our caterpillars. 
The caterpillars are eating leaves. By Joey
The caterpillar is looking for a big leaf to eat. By Caylee
I like my caterpillar's feet. By Lizzie

By Abshir                                      By Caylee
The caterpillar is climbing to a leaf. By Xzavier
The caterpillar is looking at his legs. By Maee
The caterpillar is eating the leaves. By Shay

By David                                       By Lizzie
The caterpillar is crawling. By Ben
The caterpillar is trying to eat the leaf. By David


  1. Hi Room 4,
    You have done some wonderful sketches of the caterpillars. I think you must have looked at them very closely before you drew them because you have included lots of details. Last year we had a caterpillar like that in our classroom too. It fed on milkweed and when it got very fat it formed a pupa. The pupa was green with tiny gold dots around the top - it was beautiful. One day when we came back to our class the butterfly had emerged and was drying her wings. We watched her for a while and then took her outside to enjoy the sunshine. It was a Monarch butterfly - is that what your caterpillar will turn into?
    From Ms Dowling and KD

    1. We now have 2 chrysalis in our class. They will be a Monarch butterfly when they hatch.
      From Room 4

  2. Greetings Room 4
    Wow, what wonderful sketches of caterpillars. It is great to see how carefully you studied them and then drew detailed sketches. We went to the beach last week and saw crabs inside shells, they were so tiny that we took photos of them. Creatures are truly beautiful.

  3. Hi Room 4.
    We are from Paeroa Central School and we are a class of 5yr olds.
    We have just started blogging and would love to share what we do with you.
    Your teacher told us how to set this up and we are learning to do more.
    Your blog is cool!
    Best wishes from SB1 and Mrs hack

  4. WOW - your caterpillar pictures are amazing, you obviously looked really closely at all of the detail. We were all amazed to see how big your caterpillar was - have you measured them?
    Mrs Thompson and Reception class
    Haworth Primary School