Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Butterflies

Yesterday Room 4 went on a trip. When we came back one of our butterflies had come out of his chrysalis. 
That afternoon Lizzie noticed that the other chrysalis was beginning to move!
We watched the butterflies dry their wings and begin to move around.
Take a look at our photopeach of our beautiful butterflies.
Our butterflies on PhotoPeach


  1. How exciting! Not only did you have a fun day out at Jubilee Bush, but you came back to class to fine nature taking place in your classroom!
    Remeber all the bugs and moths and spiders that we saw in the bush? They were all living in the kahikatea or pukatea trees or in the leaf litter that was composting on the ground. Your caterpillars at school got to eat swan plant. The bugs in the bush got to eat either plants or each other! And then they might have been eaten by a cheeky fantail.
    I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures on the trip.

  2. Monarch butterflies are so beautiful. It is wonderful that Room 4 is giving these caterpillars a safe place to grow, until they change into butterflies.You must all be very caring and careful. How many butterflies have hatched out in Room 4 so far?