Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We have learnt a lot about metamorphosis after watching the caterpillars change on our swan plant.
Caterpillars hatch out of eggs. They like to eat leaves. The caterpillars get bigger and bigger. The caterpillar turns into a chrysalis. When the chrysalis is black we will know that the butterfly is about to hatch out.
 We can't wait until our chrysalis becomes a butterfly.
Here is a short vimeo of the metamorphosis process that we learnt through a song. 


  1. Hi Room 4,

    We just watched your video of you learning about how a butterfly is formed.
    We LOVED it, we would like to try and do that too.
    We think your egg, caterpillar and chrysalis artwork is amazing!

    From Room 1,
    Paterangi School

  2. We LOVED your artwork too. We think your dancing and singing about Metamorphosis was wonderful. We liked looking for Shanyn's sister. We had 2 butterflies hatch in the weekend. One landed on Scania's head this morning! How long have you been waiting for the chrysalis to hatch?
    from Room 16 and Mrs McKenzie