Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jubilee Bush

We went on a great trip to Jubilee Bush which is at a park near our school.
We created a flowchart of our trip. We were very excited that we got to go on our school bus. 
We had so much fun while we were there and we will share some of our learning with you over the next few weeks.
Here is a photopeach of our trip. 

Jubilee Bush on PhotoPeach
We each created a map showing some of the things we did at Jubilee Bush. 
 This is me. The leaves fell down. These are trees. By Cruz

There was a small tree. There was a big tree. This is the ground. 
By Joey
This is a tree. Plants. There are bugs. By David.

This is grass. This is a big tree. This is a bug. These are trees.
Its got leaves. By Abshir

 There are leaves on the ground. There are little leaves. This is a        tree. This is a little tree. These are worms. By Chloe

This is a slide. This is a tree. By Ben

 This is a big tree. This is me. Here is the playground. This is a big tree. This is where we sat down. By Lizzie

It is dark in there. These are snails. This is a tree.
This is a big tree.  These are leaves. By Maee

 These are worms. This is a big tree. These are little plants growing. This is a flax plant. By Mia

This is a tree. These are leaves. This is an egg. By Kayden

 These are big trees. This is the leaves. By Subair

This is the path. This is a long tree. This is little leaves.
These are bugs.  The leaves have bugs inside. That's the park. By Magdalena

 This is a leaf. This is an egg. This is a tree. This is the slide. This is where we did the leaf rubbing. By Caylee


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and pictures of your trip to the bush. The photos show you all being very inquisitive. What good scientists you were!
    I like the way you have mapped the bush using the boardwalk to show where you went then drawn in your trees and leaves. There were some VERY tall kahikatea trees! It was great to see all the bugs too. And it was interesting that some of you put yourselves in the picture. You are part of the ecosystem. You can look after the bush ecosystem at school and around Hamilton.
    I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts about Jubilee bush and your nature trail. You might like to think about the different ways that people use and value these natural areas.

  2. We watched the photos today in 1A at Vonsild. It was interesting to see bugs and different trees from new Zealand we don´t have in Denmark. Thanks for showing!
    From 1A, Vonsild School, Denmark

  3. Cool. I wish I could have gone with you. From Tayla-Jay room8

  4. It looks very very very very very cool

    from Jessica