Monday, March 19, 2012

Jubilee Bush

Look at our X chart of our experience to Jubilee Bush
We used our photopeach to remind us of things we saw on our trip.



  1. Your x chart shows some interesting aspects of your trip to Jubilee Bush. You certainly stuck to the paths and thought about how to be gentle on the bush environment so that you din't hurt any of the bugs or plants there. The boardwalk helps to protect the trees by stopping people trample the delicate roots. The roots have to stay healthy to absorb the water and nutrients as well as keeping the trees standing up. Wjen you walk in your Nature trail I know you stay on the path and are careful of all the native plants and animals living there. You could even help more by removing weeds and other peoples rubbish and by planting more native trees and ferns.
    I love the way you describe the bush as feeling fun and happy!

  2. Hello again Room 4. Did you notice my spelling mistake in the last message? Oops.
    Now that you are learning about all the great things about nature it would be good for you to think about what your class can do to help. I'd really like to see a brainstorm or mind map (Anna will help you I'm sure) of ideas for things you and your friends and families can do to look after nature. THen you'll need to decide which idea is best. And then make it happen!