Friday, February 15, 2013

Rosie the Cow

Today we watched a special show about Rosie the Cow.
We learnt a lot of things....
Cows eat grass. Cows make milk. The milk tanker comes to collect the milk from the farm.The milk gets dropped off at the factory. Cows burp and poo. 

Here are some of the things we liked best about the show -

I liked it when Matt touched the electric fence and got a shock. 
By Kate

I liked that the cow could talk.
By Taine

I liked it when Matt got cow poo on his shoe.
By Carmelo

I liked it when Matt fell down on the ground.
By Vahoi

It was funny that Matt was scared of cows. 
By Johnathan


  1. WOW!!We had so much fun learning about Rosie the cow...My favorite part was when Matt came and he was singing Baby by Justin Bieber....What was your favorite part?

    From Lita Room 12

  2. Hi Room 4

    Rosie also came to visit our school! We really enjoyed her visit and we thought Matt was funny as well. You learnt a lot about milk and cows. Did you learn how many stomachs a cow has?

    Mrs Natusch
    Vardon School