Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kate's Bantam Visit

Kate has hens at her house. Her Mum brought one of the hens in to visit Room 4. It is called Marilyn.
We took photos of her. 
We fed her raisins.
We got to pat her. We could feel her feathers. She felt warm and soft.


  1. I wish I had met Marilyn. She sounds very friendly.

  2. A lot of kids at our school have hens. We have to be really careful because of stotes.
    RM6 Hawea Flat

  3. Dear Anna and the Room 4 kids,
    We liked looking at the photos of you feeding Marilyn the raisins. Some of us have never seen a Bantam chicken before! We were wondering if Marilyn pecked you when you were feeding her?
    From the 2D kids and Ms Dowling :)

  4. HI Room 4
    It must of been fun having Marilyn in your class.
    Wonder if the chicks in room 13 are going to have white chicks or brown ones? What do you think?
    From Emily
    Room 10