Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Butterfly Day

Something exciting happened in Room 4 today. 
All of the butterflies hatched from their chysalis. 
We had 6 chrysalis and now we have 6 butterflies.

We could get really close to the butterflies. 
We watched them hatch and see how they move their legs and tongues. 
Their tongues are long and curly.

Look at the bucket with all the butterflies drying their wings.

We liked looking at their beautiful wings.


  1. Hi Anna and Room 4

    Wow! What a wonderful event. Your butterflies look so beautiful. Did they move or fly around the classroom?

    We are working on our Kitchen Garden with our buddy class at the moment. Perhaps we could plant some swan plants. You have really got us thinking.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Revell and Marvin's iKids

    1. They crawled around the bucket. They looked like they were dancing. Then they flew towards the windows.
      One landed on Anna's pants. One landed on Johnathan.
      From Room 4

  2. Wow Room 4 aren't you lucky to have such interesting creatures in your classroom. I can't wait to write stories with you about the butterflies tomorrow.

  3. Hi Anna's Amazing Learners!

    Gosh you were really lucky to have the butterflies right in the middle of your classroom!
    How many chrysalises did you have? Did Anna have colourful pants on that day because the butterflies at Butterfly Creek always land on the people that have colourful clothes on.

    We've had three caterpillars die on us and three disappear and our swan plants are nearly stripped of leaves so we really haven't had much luck!
    However, we do have lots of swan plants in our "Beehive" - that's our Enviro Schools enviro garden and discovery area. So we will have to keep an eye on those caterpillars.

    Our big idea for the year is Changes to Ourselves and in our Environment so this term we will be learning a lot about life cycles and the water cycle too.
    What is your school's big idea this year?

    From Mrs Laburn and Kids with a view