Friday, June 13, 2014

Stickers for Kenya

Yesterday Anna gave us some stickers. We felt so happy to get a treat. We love getting treats.
Anna told us about some girls in Kenya. They are orphans. They don't have a mum or a dad to look after them. They live in an orphanage called Rafiki Mwema. People look after them there. They have beds, clothes, food, toilets, hair ties and people to care for them.

We think that just like us they would love some treats. Last year, Room 5 had a seed shop and earnt some money. There is still $50 left. Room 5 has decided to buy some stickers for the girls at Rafiki Mwema with our money. We are also going to write them some letters to make them feel happy too. 
We used Google Earth to find out where Kenya is. Kenya is a long way from New Zealand.
We tried to find out how much it would cost to fly from New Zealand to Kenya. It would cost over $3000 for one person. So it would be cheaper to send the stickers by mail.

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