Friday, June 20, 2014

New Blogs

After looking at the form of who looks at our blog we have found a lot of cool new blogs.
We thought we would share them with you. If you click on the photo of the blog title it will link you to their blog.
Here are the other primary school blogs.

This blog belongs to Room 5 from Nelson. They are little bit older than us. They have lots of photos and movies showing their learning.

This class is from Wanaka. Recently they have been doing experiments with eggs. They love reading and so do we.

This class is Room 2 from Burnside Primary School in Christchurch. They are the same age as us. We like seeing all the photos of their learning.

This blog is Room 20 at Point England School in Auckland. They like cooking and so do we.

Team Two is from Hutt Central School in Lower Hutt. They have photos and movies to share their learning. Recently they had a lot of rain and came up with some excellent words to describe the weather.

This blog is from S23K which is in Australia. We like looking at their artwork and the photos of their learning.

Six Team is from Mahora School in Hastings. They have lots of photos. At their school they have to wear a uniform.


  1. Thank you for putting our blog on your website. (Shaniya)
    It was great to see your comments on our blog. (Mehdi)
    I like you because you must be nice for putting our blog on your blog. (Connor)
    We like your art work. (Savanna)
    Your photos on your blog are cool. (Bidash)
    It is nice to have us on your blog. (Isabel)
    You have lots of different ideas that you share on your blog. (Shontai)

  2. I love the blogs,
    From James.
    Room 5

  3. i really like your blogs.
    i like your videos.
    they are cool.
    your blogs are very cool.
    from nicholas.