Thursday, February 20, 2014

Before school

Look where Anna found some of Room 5 before school this our reading tent.
What a great morning of learning!


  1. Oh, that is soooo cool! I have just had a MAGIC thought... I wonder if you could have turns "camping out" in the tent over the breaks... and maybe even a big camp out in the learning space at the end of the year? I wonder if any of you make little tents and cubby spaces at home to read in! My brother and I used to always use Mum's old rugs to make little house to hide in with a good book! I wonder why it is so magical to read in a secret place?
    Thanks for sharing lucky learners!
    Anne K

  2. hi room5
    Wow room5 that so cool
    From Shardonaeh room11

  3. My children used to like playing and reading in tents too.