Saturday, February 22, 2014

A visit from Ruby

Room 5 had a very special visitor on Thursday. 
Ruby came to visit us. Ruby is a dog. She looks just like Hairy Maclary. We have been reading a lot of books about Hairy Maclary. He is a very funny dog and always gets into mischief.
We loved having Ruby come to our class.
We recorded our ideas about Ruby visiting us using an app called Puppet Pals
Take a look at the vimeo of us talking.

We also wrote a book together using Book Creator
Anna uploaded it to our blog using Youblisher
Click on the photo so you can read it too.

Ruby comes to school


  1. hi room 5,
    Your class is lucky to have Hairy Maclary/Ruby in your classroom, I love your video I hope she will go to other classrooms next year or maybe later on in the year. Did Ruby go to any other classroom's? If she didn't you guy's are EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA lucky.

    From Battool room9

  2. I liked hearing you talk about Ruby .. and I liked reading your book about her. I want to call her Hairy McLairy