Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Cello

We are very lucky at Hamilton East School to have a teacher who can play a lot of different instruments. Ms Langdon brought her cello in to show Room 5. 

 Ms Langdon brought her cello to school. It played lots of music. 
By Analise

I like to listen to the cello. 
By Valeti
Ms Langdon is playing the cello. 
By Ashaar

I like twinkle little star. 
By Boston

I like the cello. 
By Mariko

The cello can make lots of music. You use the bow.
By Anab


  1. Awesome Room5!! How many songs did she play?
    By Hamish Room10

  2. You guys must have had some fun, I wish I was you.

    From:Isikeli and Ryal room14