Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Minnie - Our Buddy


Room 5 has created our buddy for Buddy Day
Her name is Minnie. She is 5 years old and goes to Hamilton East School.
Minnie loves writing and reading. She really likes reading with her friends on the bean bags.

Minnie has liked learning about seeds and how to grow plants.

 Minnie loves playing in Fairyland and in the Kowhai sandpit.
The rainbow playground is fun too.
We had a lot of fun having Minnie in our classroom. 

We hope Minnie has a great day on Buddy Day.


  1. It was lovely to meet Minnie and I think you did a wonderful job of looking after her.
    Miss Langdon

  2. That's so cute I wish our class did it cause it's nice.

    Esitia room 8

  3. Room 5 I love the buddy you made!!!!!!!!! Room9 P.T

  4. I bet you kids showed minnie lots of respect.You kids are awesome leaners.
    room 14

  5. From Jubilee I love your buddy

  6. Thank you for the name Minnie I needed a name for my account and I
    like how you dressed Minnie.

    From Jafar room 14

  7. You must have had great fun with minnie room 5. She would have got to do all of the things she likes

    Ethan room10

  8. I remember meeting your buddy in your class room. It's really nice to see her out and about in the school. I think she really likes meeting other kid's around the school. We made our own buddies, they now have been travelling New Zealand meeting new people, we got an email back on one saying what they did she took the buddy swimming.

    From Georgia & Tahniah room12