Friday, October 18, 2013

Room 5's Seed Shop

Room 5 is going to sell Kings Seeds at school.  We made a video to explain what we are doing. 
Room 5 thought about the plants they liked growing and eating to help them choose what seeds to sell.
We will be sending a notice home to all the families in our school so that they can buy seeds if they want to.


  1. Hi Room 5,

    Thanks for putting the video on your blog. It told us more about buying seeds and how we can buy them. We would like to buy some seeds so we will take our notice home and bring it back soon.

    From Room 12 HES

  2. This is exciting. I am wondering what to buy ! Pippa

  3. I love the video because it is cool, by Jack.
    It's different to our blog because it has a different colour, by Emily.
    I love your video because you are growing plants, by James.
    I liked the blog because it is a different colour and it is a cool colour, by Sienna.
    I liked the video because the children are going to sell the plant seeds, by Junior.
    I love the video because they are going to sell the plants to the family, by Kayley.
    From Room 2. Please visit our blog!

  4. Hi room 5
    I would love to see your seed shop.It would be great if we all brought one.
    From shardonaeh