Friday, October 25, 2013

Gardening with Room 5

We have had a busy day in Room 5 today.
Miriam came to help us in the Kitchen Garden. Thank you for the plants and your help.
We also got some beans from Faye. We have planted them in our classroom.
Take a look at our photopeach of our learning in the garden.



  1. wow it looks really nice from roututuna primary school

  2. Wow it looks like you had a lot of fun gardening, your plants are really growing. We're going to be growing heaps more fruit & veggies too, here is one we might be growing : cherry tomatoes. We ordered all our fruit & veggies from your seed shop.
    From Rafeea room12

  3. Hi Room 5, you've got a great garden and it looks like your plants are growing really well.

    From Hamish Rm12 Hamilton East School

  4. We loved all the plants in your garden Room 5.
    Thank you for saying our showcase was the best.
    We like it because your comment was great and it is good when we are on stage.
    I love Room 5s comments because they write cool comments.
    Do you like Greedy Cats? Thank you for your lovely comments.
    From Room 2

  5. Hi Room 5
    I love your gardening shots. Your broad beans are way taller than mine but just right now mine have heaps of flowers on them. Have yours finished flowering? Do you know that broad beans are great for helping make the soil good for the next lot of plants you put in the ground after the beans?
    I'm looking forward to seeing how your borlotti beans grow, you have planted them in the classroom - I haven't even planted mine at all yet! I hope I get to see lots more pictures of your beans as they grow.

    Ka kite Faye

  6. Hay room 5 I have seen your broad beans in the kitchen garden and they are enormous!
    From Lucy in room 8