Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mystery Creek pictures

We looked at the photos of our trip to Mystery Creek. 
We drew all the things we could remember about our trip. 

We recorded ourselves talking about our pictures in an app called Explain Everything. 

Take a look at Boston, Anab, Valeti and Jawad talking about their pictures.

Here is Ashaar, Zoe, Mariko, Jhyrome and Nishant talking about their pictures.

Here is Kredenz, Summer, Analise and Kate talking about their pictures.


  1. Wow! These are great pictures and great stories! Well done for speaking so clearly!

    Rainbows and Sunshine,
    Ms Baria and Room 5

  2. What is Mystery Creek. Your pictures tell me a big, big story but Mystery Creek is still a mystery. I have never been there. Why did you go somewhere with a jail? Would the five year olds who I teach like to go too? Mrs Arahill