Friday, September 13, 2013

Analise's Great Great Grandma's Cake

Analise's family gave us the recipe for a Gingerbread cake. 
Her Great Great Grandma used to bake the cake.
Thank you Analise for sharing your family recipe with us.

We also shared it with Whaea Eve, Mrs Bobsien and Shelley. 
They all thought it was delicious.
Room 5 thinks it tasted delicious too and would like to make the cake again.


  1. YUM! This cake looks delicious!

    Room 9 Rototuna Primary School

  2. Mmmmmm.... Gingerbread cake. That sounds really yummy. Looks like you guys had fun making it. Next time you make it can I help?

    Rebecca Room 8

    1. Hi! Rebecca,
      You can definitely help us next time we bake. Anna will talk to your teacher about it.
      From Room 5