Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to Term 3

We like school. We like being back at school after the holidays.
Here are some photos showing our first week back at school. We have been busy.
We like learning the alphabet.

We are kind to new people in our class.
We use kind words.

We like learning with the iPads.

We like sharing our learning on our blog.


  1. What a lot of different learning spaces you have. Whch one is your favourite space?

  2. What happy learners in these pictures. I like the look of the space under the bench for reading. It looks like a reading cave. I wonder if I would fit in there too?
    Miss Langdon Room 8

    1. Hi! Miss Langdon,
      Did you know we had a test to see if you could fit in the reading cave? Anna went underneath and you can fit! You will have to lie down though. You will need to be careful getting up because we don't want you to bump your head.
      From Room 5