Thursday, August 8, 2013

Juice Day

Anna showed us a machine. 
We had to have a good think about what it could be. 
Take a look at the movie to see what we thought it was.

It is a juicer!
Tomorrow we will make juice at school. 
We are all going to bring one piece of fruit so we can all make juice together.


  1. Hi team

    Wow! You are so lucky. We would love to have a juicer in our class. We really like the way that you investigated and brainstormed to think about what the strange machine could be.

    We will look forward to hearing all about your delicious, healthy juices.

    From Marvin's iKids and Miss Revell

  2. Hi room 5
    That looks so fun you are so lucky.
    Did you like the juice?
    From Eva
    Room 8

  3. Hi Room 5
    That looks soooooooo yummy and
    delicious you are sooo lucky Room8 doesn't get to do that.
    Ella rm8