Monday, July 1, 2013

Sharing our baking

We love to bake in Room 5. 
Some of us even help to bake and cook at home too.
Look who made yummy chocolate chip cookies at home!! 
It was a new recipe so they had to do a test batch.
They tasted delicious.
I wonder if we can try the recipe?
Sometimes when we cook at home we bring Anna a taste test.
What a lucky teacher! 


  1. Yum! We like the look of those cookies!

    How did your baking go the afternoon after we skyped?

    From Mrs Vercoe, Ngataupaki and Lia Elisha

  2. What a lucky teacher.
    What is your favourite so far? Pippa

  3. All of us would love to see more of your baking! Ms Baria loves brownies! ANH loves pineapple pies! OLK loves to make pancakes! JK likes cheese pizzas!

    Rainbows and Sunshine,
    Room 5
    Elm Park School