Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Apple Muffins

We made Apple Muffins. 
Robyn from Enviro Schools gave us some apples from her tree.
We had to peel and grate the apples. 
Luckily we had one of our Mum's, Jane, to help us.


I liked stirring the mixture. I can help my Mum at home by stirring the cake. By Luke
The apple muffins tasted nice. By Taine
They tasted yummy. By Valeti
I liked the smell of the mixture. By Boston
I liked watching Anna make the muffins. By Carmelo
I liked the muffins. By Zoe and Analise


  1. Your muffins look very nice and you look nice too - Elizah
    Your muffins are cool - Stanley
    Your muffins look really yummy. Is there chocolate in them? - Lia Elisha
    We love your apple muffins because they look nice - Ngataupaki
    I wish we could have some muffins! - Paeroa

    Thanks for sharing!
    Room 2 - Tamaki Primary School

    1. Hi! Room 2
      There is no chocolate in the apple muffins. We think they taste delcious. Would you like the recipe?
      From Room 5

    2. We would love the recipe please!

      We like chocolate, but Mrs Vercoe says that it will taste nice without chocolate.

      We're looking forward to making them next term!

      Have a great holiday!

      Room 2 and Mrs Vercoe

  2. OH YUM!!! It looks pretty cool! We love the look of these! They are making us very hungry!

    Rainbows and Sunshine
    Room 5
    Elm Park School

  3. Wow guys those looked like they would be yummy. We would like to make some one-day too.
    E6 Putaruru Primary

    1. Hi! E6,
      Would you like the recipe?
      From Room 5

  4. I'm glad that the apples from my tree got used in such a delicious way. Do you have an apple tree at your school? What is happening to the tree buds at this time of year?

  5. Hi Rm5 those apple muffins look yum. I wish I was there that day. :) :)
    By Bradley

  6. Kia Ora Room 19

    Those muffins look delicious and beautiful to eat.
    Did you have fun? Do you have a special cooking place in your class to bake the muffins?

    From Marie at Edgecumbe Primary School