Monday, June 17, 2013

Tane Mahuta Day

We celebrated Tane Mahuta Day.
We had a good look at all the beautiful trees at Hamilton East School.
We looked at the leaves.
We looked at the trunk and touched the bark.
We threw the leaves in the air.

The Redwood tree is massive.
We think it is awesome.
Katie says the Redwood tree is taller than her Dad.
 We sketched the Redwood tree too.
We even wrote about our favourite trees at Hamilton East School.
I  like  the  Kauri  tree.  It  is  big.
By  Kate

I  like  the  hugging  the  tree  and  I  like  touching  the  tree.
By  Johnathan

I  like  touching  the  big  big  big tree.
By  Vahoi

I  like  the  Totara  tree  and  I  hugged  it.
By  Div

The  leaves  are  flying  in  the  sky.  They  landed  on  Shelley's  face.
By  Ashaar

This  is  a  tree  blowing  in  the  wind.
By  Jhyrome

What is your favourite tree?


  1. I have a lemon tree at home.
    From Kredenz

  2. I have an orange tree.
    By Vahoi

  3. My Nana has a tangelo tree.
    By Kate